Starting from scratch.

I’ll admit it – I hate exercising.  I do.  I would love to be the type of person who lists “working out” as one of their hobbies.  Maybe someday I will be, but for now, I hate it. 

Last night I went to the gym, and I was grumpy the entire ride.  After working 8 hours and driving an hour or so home, all I really wanted to do was veg.  Anywho, I get to the gym and walk to the dreadmill.  I jump on and start Week 1, Day 1 of the C25K plan (yes, again).  Honestly, I was impressed with myself.  I could run jog faster than I had been able to almost a month ago.  I walk/jogged for 31 minutes and went about 2.1 miles.  That’s not too bad!  I did notice that I’m going to have to be fitted for better running shoes.  I’m wearing Nike Shox with a special insoles for now, but it’s not very comfortable at all.  I’m planning on heading over to Fleet Feet in West Hartford this weekend.  New shoes are definitely something to look forward to.

You may have noticed that I’ve added a few pages to my blog – C25K Tracking and Weight Loss Log.  I will update the C25K Tracking page whenever I complete one of the routines.  I will updated the Weight Loss Log every Monday.  I am hoping that the appeal of tracking my progress will help me write more blog entries.  Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Starting from scratch.

  1. Way to go Dom!! New shoes can make a huge difference-I got running shoes there at Fleet Feet a few months ago, and they made my runs feel WAY better!

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