Workout buddies.

It is really nice to have a workout buddy.  It makes working out a bit more fun and encourages you push yourself just a bit further!  A friend of mine (Hi L!) joined me on Monday night for Zumba and liked it so much that she signed up for the next session with me.  She said that knowing I’d be there with her would encourage her to actually attend the classes. 

Yesterday I had a surprise workout buddy. 

My boyfriend (Hi Nachos!) and I typically go to the gym together, but will end up working out separately (one on the dreadmill, the other on the hellipitcal).  Yesterday, Nachos jumped on the treadmill next to me.  While I overheard him at the shoe store on Saturday telling the clerk that he wanted to start running with me, I guess I didn’t expect it to start yesterday.  So off we went – C25K Week 1, Day 1 (I started over so we could have the same starting point).  Nachos is a bit more in shape than I am – he is a cyclist and has legs of steel – so he ran at a slightly faster pace than I did, but him being there encouraged me to step it up a bit. 

And step it up I did! I was able to run (ok…it was probably more of a fast jog) almost a full MPH faster than I did just a week ago.  To some that may not seem like much, but I was pretty proud of myself – it felt like progress.  Could it have been the three Zumba classes I had taken the week prior?  Could it have been the new sneakers?  Who knows!  All I know is that I was able to go faster than last week. 

Tonight will be C25K Week 1, Day 2 (finally!). Wish me luck!


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