Officially on the DL.

Memorial Day has come and gone.  I spent mine with my boyfriend’s family at the beach.  He and I attempted to run outdoors for the first time, but it was so muggy that I could barely breathe.  Of course, this was very frustrating to me. We took long walks instead, which is better than nothing right?  That is until we both got sunburned.  I’m sorry, but putting on a sports bra is the last thing I want to do when I have a sunburn.  Sidebar: Does anyone know how many activity points one gets for playing mini-golf? I tried really hard to eat well all weekend, but I’ll admit that I had more ice cream than I should have.  Oh well!

Last week was a bit hectic.  Life truly got in the way of my plans to get some workouts in.  Now I was even more frustrated!  I was going to post an entry that went on and on about how frustrated I was with myself and how I would really have to make up for it in the coming week. 

But then, I dislocated my shoulder this past Saturday…twice.  Yes, I took a digger by tripping over the curb at the Boston Beer Fest…in front of a bunch of people (then being wheeled through another group of people).  I don’t know what hurt worse – my shoulder or my ego.  I got to take my first trip in an ambulance to the ER, where I was X-rayed and given the ok to go home.  I went to put on my sweatshirt and *POP* – I dislocated my shoulder again.  At this point my friend, who was awesome enough to invite me along to the Beer Fest, tells me we have to call it a night.  We get back on the T, check out of the hotel and head home.  I ruined the entire weekend!  At least we got to spend an hour at the Beer Fest before the lines got too crazy.

So there we have it.  I’m officially on the DL until I get the ok from my doctor – I have an appointment next week. I’ll admit it, this f*cking hurts.  My arm and shoulder are so swollen that I can’t put my arm down at my side. My muscles keep spasming regardless of the pain meds. I can’t even get dressed by myself in the morning (thankfully I have my “nurse”). I even got cut from the office softball team before the season even started. However, it could have been a lot worse. 

**Edit: I realize that saying “I tripped over a curb at Beer Fest” makes me sound like a drunken mess, but I promise you, I’m just that big of a klutz.


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