Balancing Act.

I have just over 11 weeks until my first 5K. It’s kind of pointless to have a blog about my journey towards my first 5K when my journey is practically going nowhere. However, this is just a minor set back.  I still have plenty of time to train, even if I have to start from square one.  I’m happy to say that my shoulder is almost back to 100% – close enough for me to start running and cross training again in my opinion.

Sounds funny right?  Not being able to run because of my shoulder.  I thought so too until it would pop while walking. Yeah, didn’t want to chance dislocating it again.  Clearly walking is enough of a challenge for me. Taking that digger a month ago is easily the most embarrassing moment of my life (so far). I often find myself wondering how it happened?  Why it happened? Could I have avoided it? Maybe this happened because karma was telling me to slow down! Prior to hurting myself, I was taking two Zumba classes, one boxing class and training for the 5K three times in a week!  Friends even commented on how hardcore I had become with my exercise. Sure, I felt great because of it, but I was so busy with work and working out that I barely had time for much else. This “vacation” from my workouts really helped me see this.

Being healthy is a balance of mind and body. Now I can see that I was too focused on my body if that makes any sense. I’m not stressing out over how I’m going to make it to my workout classes. I’m not worried about figuring out which are the best three days for me to do my 5K training. I have more time to experiment with new recipes, which I know my boyfriend really appreciates. I have more time to read during the week. Granted, I do miss working out (crazy, I know), but I am learning that I don’t need to try to do everything at once. I can fit in what works best for me and most importantly, have fun doing it!


2 thoughts on “Balancing Act.

  1. I had a similar experience with finding that balance oin life. When I was working out all the time, my friends felt left behind. But some wanted to meet for classes, walks or healthy dinners. Ultimately, i’ve made the decision to do what’s best for me – even if my friends might not be in love with my choices. I need to put myself first.

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