I can’t breathe.

So last night was the first class of the newest Zumba session.  As always, it was a lot of fun, and I’m excited that our instructor is incorporating new moves and songs into our routine. As fellow Zumba-ers are aware, these classes can be pretty popular.  I’m used to the class size being around 25-35 people, but last night there were probably close to 60 people, if not more, in the class.  Yes, 60 people crammed into an elementary school gymnasium…without air conditioning.  Needless to say, I was a hot mess.  A really hot mess.  Of course I still had a great time with my friend, L, and felt great afterwards (sweatiness aside). However, at some points during the routine I found myself slowing down and finding it difficult to breathe. Nothing alarming…just stuffiness due to all of the bodies and the heat, I’m sure.

This morning I woke up at 5 am and headed to the gym.  (Yes, let that wash over you12:35 PM – 7 hours = 5:35 AM).

I jumped on the dreadmill and attempted Week One, Day One of the C25K plan.  No, you’re not having deja vu – I’m starting from square one in hopes of building my endurance for the 5K in just 13 days (eek!).  It felt pretty good to be “running” again, but about halfway through my workout I had to switch to all walking because I noticed two things:  1) My left ankle started to bother me (ankle brace is already ready for tomorrow’s workout) and 2) I was having difficulty breathing. Again, nothing to be alarmed about.  I just realized that I need to learn how to breathe properly during my runs.  Also, I might want to carry my inhaler with me just in case.

I found an article from Runner’s World.com that discusses the proper breathing technique for runners. It’s nice to know that it’s normal to feel like your lungs are screaming for more oxygen.  The pattern suggested is two steps on the inhale; two steps on the exhale.  I’ll just chant “inhale one, two; exhale one, two” in my head until my body learns the pattern.  Maybe this chant will drown out the “Dear God has it been a minute yet?!  Why are you doing this to yourself?! etc.”

Fellow runners, do you have any advice for breathing while running?


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