Fire Up For Fall.

Now I’ve been a blog lurker for a few months now and noticed how several bloggers I follow are often participating in challenges.  A few days ago Rebecca at Weight Wars posted about starting a Fire Up For Fall challenge.  I thought that a challenge like this might be a fun way to network with fellow bloggers.  It will also (hopefully) help me blog more regularly and may result in better successes in my fitness and weight loss routine.

The premise is as follows:

  • You set yourself 5 or more goals to work towards over the 10 weeks of the challenge.
  • Every weekend you get an email Rebecca, it has some questions on it to post and answer on your blog on Monday.
  • Each week we also post a positive picture to lift everyone’s spirits and sum up the positive parts of our week.
  • Then you pop over to Weight Wars and link up at the bottom of my weekly post so everybody can meet you, and you can meet everyone else.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I invite you to join me!  The challenge starts on Monday, September 19th so sign up now.


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