Sunday Recap.

This week was a bit more low-key than last week, but I feel that I still got a lot accomplished.

This week I…

Tried two new recipes – Petite Lasagnas and Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf
Skipped my Thursday night Zumba class (In my defense, the class was canceled early in the week due to an impending storm. Since the storm wasn’t that bad, they cancelled the cancellation after I already made plans. )
Won Mary’s giveaway at a small loss (My first!)
Was invited to be part of an awesome opportunity through the organization I volunteer with
Caught up with some friends (over beers)
Went over my weekly points allowance (too many beers)
Made healthy choices at a Sunday P’s aunt’s birthday brunch (and passing up the Rice Krispy French toast was tough)
Stuck with my Lenten promise of no desserts
Did succumb to one sweet treat though – fat free coconut frozen yogurt from Stew Leonard’s (Look, I “won” it by spending over $100 so I just couldn’t let it go to waste…)
Planned lunches and dinners for the week ahead (which includes two new crock pot recipes)
Made a week’s worth of breakfast smoothies and stored them in the freezer.

Because I went over my daily points allowance this week, I am a little worried about my weigh in tomorrow. All I can do is bounce back and make better choices this coming week. It helps that my new Zumba session starts tomorrow night and Turbo Kick starts on Tuesday.  Plus, it’s time to get serious with my running and make friends with the C25K plan again.  I have a mini-goal I’d like to reach before my birthday, which is less than a month away.


March is going to be busy!

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend.  Here’s to the week ahead!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap.

  1. Stew Leonard’s soft serve is my absolute downfall, especially the pumpkin one around holiday times. Whenever I visit my family, I make them stop in at the one on the Berlin Turnpike on the way home from the airport. The fro yo/rice cake ice cream sandwiches are heavenly!

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