Well, That Turbo Kick-ed My Ass.

Last night I tried my very first Turbo Kick class – and I lived to tell the tale.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, the class was offered by my town’s Parks and Rec Department for just $5 a class! The class was held in a room that resembled half of a gym – no mirrors, no windows. I walked into the back corner of the room and claimed my spot. Whenever I try something new, I tend to gravitate to the back of the class. I like to watch the people in front of me for cues. Am I the only one who does this? Apparently not because about 8 other people lined up to the left of me with only a few brave people in the front of the room. As I told the woman next to me, if there is no one standing in front of the back row, we’re technically the front row. Once the teacher started interacting with the group, I quickly got the sense that I was one of the newbies. I hadn’t heard of the class being offered before, but the instructor said she was going to “ease into things” because the class had a few weeks off since their last session.

Enter panic.

Thankfully, the class started off at a nice, easy pace with bobbing and punching combos to help increase your heart rate. Next, we adding some kicks in as the music picked up. Then some choreography was thrown into the mix. I consider myself to be somewhat coordinated when it comes to choreography and can keep up the pace 90% of the time in my Zumba classes, but I was completely lost in Turbo Kick! Apparently when you start adding punching and kicking with some dancing, my coordination goes out the door. When there was a break in the music, our instructor allowed for a water break, but her only rule was that we had to keep moving. Near the end of the class we went into “turbo mode”, which was very fast paced and definitely got your heart pumping. Our instructor told us that she was going to take it easy on us and only make us do half of the “turbo mode” routine.

After “turbo mode”, the instructor told us to grab a mat from the corner – you know, one of those squishy, smelly mats from grade school gym class – because we were going to work on our butts and abs. This is the part I’m feeling today. We did about a bazillion leg lifts, ump-teen crunches and had to hold a plank for at least an hour – in reality, it was only for two counts of eight. By the end of the class I was sweaty and tired, but it was a great workout. Sure, going up and down stairs today have been a pain – literally – but it’s a good pain. Nothing a few Aleeve can’t fix. I can’t wait to see if I can improve in the coming weeks (even if it’s being able to hold a plank position for longer than an 8-count).

Check out the video below to see part of last night’s routine – this was the part that I thought I did okay with.


6 thoughts on “Well, That Turbo Kick-ed My Ass.

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  2. I have never heard of Turbo Kick but it sounds like a lot of fun (well “fun” in the “youre going to sweat and cry and probably curse yourself for signing up for the class the next day everytime you have to use the restroom” kind of fun…) And holding plank is not easy- I have to the cheaters plank (on my forearms) and even that is hard !

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