Sunday Recap.

This week I…

Dealt with the stress of having my car in the shop ($$)
Skipped my Monday Zumba class because of said car stresses
Went to (and survived) my first Turbo Kick class
Had a dinner date with my dad
Avoided the scale
Got a package from Mary – my giveaway winnings (Thanks, Mary!)
Barely made it through my Thursday night Zumba class (because I was SO sore from Turbo Kick)
Walked during most of my lunch breaks
Tried three new recipes including two new crock pot recipes – Pork Chops and Bean Cassoulet
Lost an hour of sleep
Bought some new dress pants without having a breakdown in the dressing room
Stayed within my PointsPlus balance
Earned over 30 Activity Points
Had a very relaxing weekend.

As you can see, it was a pretty low-key week. I hope that everyone had a great week and weekend. Here’s to the week ahead!


Giveaway Goodies!


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