Sunday Recap.

This week I…

Skipped my Monday night Zumba class to have a date night with P
Survived yet another Turbo Kick class
Had a takeout/movie night with my dad
Was one of the two people who attended my Thursday night Zumba class
Got my new Sweaty BandReview to come!
Had tacos and painted pottery with some of my co-workers
Remembered how much I enjoyed painting pottery
Enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend by going to a cookout
Bought a new bike helmet
Tried a new recipe for dinner tonight – Sesame encrusted tuna, soba noodles with edamame, and Napa cabbage slaw (about 14 PointsPlus)
Stayed within my weekly points allowance
Earned over 30 activity points.

I feel pretty great about my choices this week. Let’s see if the scale reflects those good feelings tomorrow morning.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Here’s to the week ahead!  Cheers!

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