Sundap Recap.

This week I…

Ordered a salad during my book group meeting when everyone else ordered fries
Went to two Zumba classes (Monday and Thursday)
Got to help lead part of my Monday night Zumba class for a few routines (SO fun!)
Attended my Tuesday night Turbo Kick class
Helped fill Easter eggs for my condo complex’s egg hunt next weekend
Took advantage of the awesome weather and went for walks during my lunch break
Went to a beer tasting fundraiser for the MS Society (and P won a movie basket)
Cleaned the entire downstairs (P did upstairs)
Celebrated a friend’s second 25th birthday
Split a cupcake with P instead of us each having one
Stayed within my weekly points
Earned over 40 activity points
Tried three new recipes (see below).

It was a busy week for me, but there are no complaints. The weather was great, and I felt good about making it to all of my workout classes this week on top of getting walks in during my lunch break. I knew this weekend would be tough tracking-wise because of all the beers I was sure to consume. But, I was smart about my food choices and am hoping that the scale will reflect my hard work in tomorrow’s weigh in.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Sesame encrusted tuna, edamame soba noodles and Napa cabbage slaw.


Spicy basil chicken, sesame rice and sauteed snow peas with peppers (egg roll not from scratch).


Pan-grilled flank steak with soy-mustard sauce, garlicky mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus.


9 thoughts on “Sundap Recap.

  1. My zumba class ended a couple of weeks ago 😦 Have to find one at the gym that isn’t overcrowded… what book are you currently reading? Just curious , I’mm in a book club too and I like see what others are reading.

    • Good luck finding a new Zumba class. My Thursday night Zumba class ends this Thursday (sobs). I am going to replace it with a Thursday night Turbo Kick class.

      I’m reading “Still Alice” by Lisa Genova right now. It’s pretty good. What are you reading?

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