Sunday Recap.

It was a quiet week. This week I…

Drove back from Delaware
Skipped my weigh in this week (feeling a bit guilty after all that Easter candy)
Survived two Turbo Kick classes (and Thursday night was “drill night” – ouch!)
Had dinner with my dad and stepmom
Ordered a basket for my sweet ride
Was the honored speaker at a beer and wine tasting benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Had a nice brunch with an old friend
Tried a new crock pot recipe (post coming soon!).

Oh, and the most exciting thing that happened this week…P and I put a deposit on a puppy! He’s a black labradoodle who is about three weeks old. We’ll be able meet him in a few weeks, and we should be able to bring him home around Memorial Day.

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend.  Now here’s to the week ahead – cheers!


Cute little cupcakes from the Hops & Grapes event.


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