Non Scale Victory.

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So yesterday I had a little 2.8 pound setback on the scale, and I’m ok with that. I know where I went wrong and how I can remedy that. Though I am happy to report that my clothes have been fitting me differently lately – in a good way! Because admit it, feeling good in your clothes feels better than any number on that scale.

Non scale victory!

In my Sunday Recap, I mentioned that I gave a speech at a beer and wine tasting to benefit the Connecticut Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Since it was cocktail attire, I needed to find a dress to wear. I walked into the store on Friday evening, and grabbed three dresses to try on – a black and white banded-look one, a blue below the knee one and an asymmetrical purple one.

I try the black and white one on first because I’m already convinced I’m going to hate it. I’ve tried the banded dresses on before and thought that they do nothing for my body. As I check myself out in the mirror, I can’t believe it – I actually like the dress AND think that I look good in said dress. This is quite the occasion since clothes shopping as of late leaves me absolutely defeated. I did a couple twirls while checking myself out then took the dress off. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t give the other dresses a shot too.

The blue one was really cute – perfect for a spring/summer evening wedding – but it wasn’t perfect. I’d definitely need to Spanx it. The purple one was a hot mess that was completely unflattering and left me looking boxy. So I tried the black and white one back on – yes this was the one. But, it was a little big on me. Do I dare try the next size down? I grab the smaller size and shimmy my way into the dress. Too tight. It wasn’t “can’t zip it up too tight” but more so “going clubbing” too tight. So what? The slightly larger dress worked for me. So I found a dress (that I really liked) for an event in less than 30 minutes! Yes, I was shocked too.

"The dress"


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