Sunday Recap.

This week I…

Survived two Turbo Kick classes even if I felt like I was walking like a cowboy after Tuesday’s class
Created a Facebook page for my blog (Please like it!)
Went to an interesting exhibit called “The Art of Public Health” during my lunch hour with a few colleagues
Had one of our favorite furry houseguests stay over on Friday night (we’re calling it doggy dress rehearsal)
Bought fun stuff for our puppy
Had a great time bowling with some friends (I even won the first game!)
Saw Bell, Book and Candle at the Hartford Stage
Tried on new recipe for dinner tonight.

Overall I had a great week activity wise, but I slipped on my food choices. Whoopie pies on Monday, pitchers of beer on Saturday night and a late-night stop for chicken sandwiches. Tsk tsk tsk! Though I made some poor choices, I was mindful not to go off of the tracks completely. I’m not sure whether or not that will reflect on the scale tomorrow morning, but I am looking forward to my Zumba classes starting up again on Monday nights.

I hope everyone one had a great week and weekend. Here’s to the week ahead. Cheers!


An interesting series from "The Art of Public Health" show.


An interesting piece of "The Art of Public Health" show.


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