I Hate to Admit This…

but I think I hurt myself.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed an increasing pain in my right ankle.  It is a sharp, stabbing pain that is usually brought on when I put weight on my foot – especially after working out.  Of course, being as stubborn as I am, I haven’t stopped my activity to let whatever is going on down there heal.  I’ve slapped on an ankle brace and kept on Zumba-ing and Turbo Kicking.  However, I have modified my workouts so that I’m not jumping too much.  I’ve also started wearing sneakers to and from the office.  Yes, it’s a good look.

Last week, my ankle started to feel better so I went to Turbo Kick without my brace (dumb mistake #1) and even did jumping jacks during the routine (dumb mistake #2).  Let’s just say that my ankle was not happy.  I wore my brace for most of the weekend, but eventually even that made my ankle hurt.  When Monday night’s Zumba class rolls around, do you know what I did?  I went to class and Zumba-ed my booty off – yes, that’s dumb mistake #3 for those keeping track at home.  My ankle downright hated me at this point.  It even hurt just to put weight on it when I was doing turns.  That was it!  I had to give my ankle a break (no pun intended).

Last night I skipped my Turbo Kick class.  Of course I feel very guilty about it.  The scale hasn’t budged and after a weekend of a few poor choices, I really was counting on my activity to ramp things up a bit.  However, I needed to stop being dumb and listen to my body.  I’ll be in Florida for a few days, which means I will also miss my Thursday night Turbo Kick class and probably won’t be doing very many strenuous activities.  My ankle will have almost a full week of rest.  If my ankle is still bothering me next week, I will finally call the doctor.  I really don’t want to take the chance on making things worse – if I haven’t already.

Fingers crossed.


10 thoughts on “I Hate to Admit This…

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