Falling Off of the Wagon.

I’ve found myself in a allergy-induced fog over the past few days and haven’t been as diligent as I should be with my blog and working out.  Plus when I’m not feeling well, my body craves comfort food (see: carbs) and copious amounts of orange juice.  Am I the only one?  So I apologize for being very tardy on my weekly update that you are all on the edge of your seats to read.  Without further adieu…

Last week I…

Went to my Monday night Zumba class
Missed my Tuesday night Turbo Kick class because of things I had to do after work
Got my hair cut on Wednesday
Went to my Thursday night Turbo Kick class where we did a full hour of cardio (sweat city!)
Went with P to meet our new puppy
Fell in love with said puppy
Bought some puppy supplies
Got to spend time with a friend (and a number of other friends) who is home from CZ for a few weeks
Spent a few days washing the smell of bonfire out of my hair
Had dinner with some friends on Sunday night where P and I gave them a quick iPhone tutorial.

It was a busy and productive week!  I was able to get some activity in and did okay with my food choices and tracking.  I was really frustrated with myself on Thursday night because I just couldn’t get into Turbo Kick at all.  No matter how hard I pushed myself, my body just wasn’t having it.  I left the class feeling very frustrated and defeated.  Little did I know, but my body was telling me that I was about to be down for the count.

Puppy love!


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