Get Active Challenge.

My company is promoting the “Get Active Challenge,” which starts on Monday.  The challenge is a six-week health program designed to encourage physical activity.  Staff members will be able to track and record their minutes of physical activity – whether walking the dog, playing a pickup game, swimming, active exercise, or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator – utilizing a new website called HealthTrails.

HealthTrails is a wellness program that draws on the excitement of seeing and learning about new places and people by virtually trekking famous trails around the world.  Each time you record a HealthTrails activity you move along the trail. As you progress you’ll see great images and vivid descriptions of that location as if you’re right there. It’s a fun, effective way to track health habits because you actually see your progress each time you record an activity.

The goal is to travel 300+ virtual miles along one or more trails — you have 6 to choose from (with distances of 165-1102 miles). If you record at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, 3 days a week you’ll reach 300 virtual miles easily. And you can add to your mileage by taking the daily Tip Test.

I chose the Pacific Northwest Trail, which is 1,103 miles long!  When I registered for the “Get Active Challenge,” I was asked to set a personal goal.  My goal is to increase my physical activity during work hours, lose ten pounds and start training (again) for a 5K race. They even make you share your goal with at least one person because it helps hold you accountable.  A few of my colleagues and I have even become “trail mates”, which I think will also help with accountability.  We just need one more “mate” then we can start a team!

Overall I think this is a great way for me to ramp up my activity.  Plus, who knows what can happen in six weeks!  I will post weekly updates on the challenge, and you can watch my head move across the map above.  Watch out Washington – here I come!


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