Sunday Recap (on a Sunday!)

This week I…

Tried weigh-in, but the batteries in our scale died (and I think they will stay dead for a while…)
Went home early from work on Monday because I wasn’t feeling well
Skipped my Monday night Zumba class
Made Sweet Potato Chili in the crock pot
Missed my Tuesday night Turbo Kick class because it was canceled
Joined my company’s “Get Active Challenge
Finished up Mother’s Day shopping for my mom
Bought more stuff for the puppy
Found out that P and I can bring our puppy home in just under 2 weeks (see picture below)
Killed an entire box of tissues
Went to my first Light the Night planning meeting for 2012
Skipped my Thursday night Turbo Kick class because I was so stuffy (yes, that’s zero activity for those following along at home)
Picked up my new sunglasses
Found a new lunchbox while shopping at HomeGoods
Spent six hours cleaning our house to get it BFF and puppy ready
Enjoyed the beautiful weather at a Mother’s Day cookout
Went to dinner to celebrate a very important anniversary (to me, at least).

So it was a busy week, but I spent most of it not feeling like myself. Overall I had a horrible week regarding food and activity. Thankfully I am feeling better and looking forward to another busy – and healthier – week ahead. I hope everyone has a great week. Cheers!

Gratuitous cute puppy picture. Meet Gus! 🙂


My new lunch bag – only $12.99 at HomeGoods!


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