Sunday Recap (a little late).

Oh well, that whole “posting a Sunday recap on a Sunday” thing didn’t last very long.  Better late than never!

This week I…

Started the Get Active Challenge – Week 1 post to coming soon!
Celebrated the anniversary of my remission
Went to my Monday night Zumba class
Went to my Tuesday night Turbo Kick class
Spent the weekend with my BFF
Went to New York City
Saw Ricky Martin in Evita!
Practically ran into Ed Bagley, Jr. on our way out of the theatre
Enjoyed the beautiful weather
Tried to get some extra activity where I could
Tracked all of my food and activity on Weight Watchers this week.

This coming week will be interesting because it’s a very busy time for my department at work and we’re bringing Gus home on Thursday night!  P and I are very excited.  Just a few more days!

BFF and I with Ricky.

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend.  Here’s to the week ahead.  Cheers!


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