Get Active Challenge – Week One.

My office’s Get Active Challenge kicked off on Monday, May 14th. Here’s a breakdown of the first week.

Day 1

After 30-minutes of walking, which includes my daily commute to my office from the parking garage and a quick lunchtime walk, and an hour of Zumba, I logged 50.4 miles on the Pacific Northwest Trail. It seems that I may have come in contact with a gray wolf, but lived to tell the tale. This definitely makes me feel as if I’m playing Oregon Trail. Here’s hoping I don’t contract dysentery.

Day 2

I “traveled” 43.6 miles today, which my daily walk to and from the parking garage and an hour of Turbo Kick. I also learned a little bit about moose. Did you know that moose are the largest antlered animals in the world?

Day 3

I only logged 8.9 miles today – this only includes my daily walk into work. It was a busy day overall so I had some difficulty finding time to get my activity in. However, I did make it to the Stahl Peak Lookout. Go me!

Day 4

Today was another short “trip” having only logged 9 miles. Unfortunately my Turbo Kick class was canceled tonight (but do I still get credit for showing up anyway?!) so the only activity I did was a quick lunchtime walk.

Day 5

Today I moved 16.8 miles which was the equivalent of 30 minutes of walking.  Nothing too exciting to see here.

Day 6

I moved 33.6 miles today and made it to the Boulder Mountains (yay!).  I had to estimate today’s activity minutes because I spent the day walking around NYC with the BFF.  I’m sure we did more than an hour of walking, but it was very hard to track my time seeing that we weren’t consistently moving.

P.S.  Yes, that is Jimi Hendrix up there.

Day 7

I traveled another 16.8 miles today, and I based this on 30 minutes of walking.  Again, since I spent the morning in NYC, I’m sure I did more than 30 minutes of walking around.  I know that the walk to Grand Central from our hotel was at least 15 minutes alone.

So my total for the first week of the Get Active Challenge is 181.1 miles!  Not too shabby.  Tracking my daily activity through this challenge is helping me improve my consistency of tracking on Weight Watchers.  Because I’m tracking my activity on HeatlhTrails, it makes it just as easy to track my activity on WW.  When I log on to track my activity, I am also reminded to track my food.  I’m happy to say that I tracked everything I ate every day this week, which is the first time in a while.


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