Get Active Challenge – Week Three.

I’m at the halfway mark for my office’s Get Active Challenge.  Here’s the weekly recap.

Day 15

I didn’t have my usual Zumba class tonight because of the holiday.  I estimate that I got at least 20 minutes of activity today, which was basically walking around with Gus.  This equates to 11.2 miles traveled on the Pacific Northwest Trail.

Day 16

I’m back on the activity wagon today!  I went for an afternoon walk paired with my morning commute and an hour of Turbo Kick class for a total of 90 minutes.  I’m sure I was a bit more active than that seeing that I had to walk the dog as well, but let’s just say 90 for today.  That means I traveled 50.4 miles today.

Day 17

Activity today was light with at least 30 minutes of walking (daily commute and walking the dog) for 16.8 miles.  There has to be a way I can better track the time I walk the dog, but maybe I’ll wait until he’s older and doesn’t stop for frequent rests.

Day 18

With an hour of kickboxing and at least 30 minutes of walking today, I logged 50.4 miles on the Pacific Northwest Trail.  I traveled past Kenny Loggins and made it to Sherman Peak.  Still no sign of dysentery.

Day 19

I traveled 23.5 miles today with 42 minutes of activity, which includes a brief lunchtime walk and an estimate of how long I walked Gus.

Day 20

I spent the latter half of today in Boston for the American Craft Beer Fest, so I’m going to estimate that, as well as walking Gus in the morning, I was able to get at least 30 minutes of activity in.  This activity was quickly negated by beer and soft pretzels, but something is better than nothing.  Another 16.8 miles logged!

Day 21

Today was a lazy day with about 20 minutes of slow walking with Gus for a total of 11.2 miles. Hung out with Death Cab for Cutie while I was out there.  No big.

My total for the third week of the Get Active Challenge is 177.28 miles! Participating in my weekly Turbo Kick classes really helped boost my activity in comparison to last week.  I’m excited to step on the scale to see if my hard work paid off this week.  Stay tuned!


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