Sunday Recap on a Monday.

This week I…

Skipped my Monday night Zumba class to observe a potential Puppy Kindergarten class (Who am I again?)
Had a semi-private lesson during my Tuesday night Turbo Kick class (I was one of two people who came)
Unfortunately missed my Thursday night Turbo Kick class because I lost track of time
Took Friday off to spend some time at home with Gus
Tried a new appetizer recipe for Antipasto Kabobs (Thank you, Pinterest!)
Felt that I/we had a very productive weekend
Tried purple cauliflower for the first time (yum!)
Tracked all of my food and activities for the week
Used all of my weekly points and significantly dipped into my activity bank.

With a trip to the cupcake truck and the fact that I had French fries twice this week, it’s safe to say that I fell off of the wagon. I’m disappointed in myself, but today is a new day! I just have to be smarter about my choices (broken record, right?). My goal for this week is to go to all of my workout classes and to continue to track all of my food.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s to the week ahead. Cheers!


Antipasto Kabobs


Roasted purple cauliflower with broccoli. Yum!


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