Get Active Challenge – Week Four.

This week kicks off the last half of my office’s Get Active Challenge.  Here’s the recap!

Day 22

Unfortunately I skipped my Zumba class this evening to observe a potential puppy kindergarten class for Gus (Yeah, I don’t know who I’ve become either), but I was still able to get about 50 minutes of activity today for 28 miles on the trail!

Day 23

Thanks to my Turbo Kick class, daily commute and walking the dog, I logged 50 minutes of activity today!  I traveled another 47.6 miles on the Pacific Northwest Trail.  I was actually psyched about my Turbo Kick class because all but two of us decided not to show up.  It was like having a private lesson!  We rounded out the class with standing lunges and squats.  I’m definitely going to feel this tomorrow!

Day 24

I walked for about 30 minutes today for a total of 16.8 miles traveled.   Nothing to see here…

Day 25

Today I logged about 50 minutes of walking between my daily “commute” and walking the dog.  This equates to 28 miles traveled on the trail.  It should have been more, but I did not make it to my Turbo Kick class (shame on me!).  I’m just going to hang out with my friend, John Elway, while I’m here.

Day 26

Today I did about 35 minutes of walking for a total of 19.6 miles.  I stayed home from work today so most of my activity consisted of walking the dog.  He’s in his serious growing phase so he’s sleeping a lot.  I try to get him out of at least two long(-ish) walks a day.

Day 27

I estimate that I walked the dog for about 30 minutes today for a total of 16.8 miles.  I made it to yet another lake today.  Noticing a pattern here?

Day 28

Again, I estimate that I walked the dog for about 30 minutes today for another 16.8 miles traveled on the trail.  At least I made it to something other than a lake today.

During the fourth week of the Get Active Challenge, I traveled 182 miles along the Pacific Northwest Trail.  This is definitely an increase from last week, but it could have been better.  I did not make it to my Monday night or Thursday night exercise classes.  2 extra hours of activity would have really helped me log some miles.  I have to figure out a way to better track the time that I’m walking the dog.  Perhaps wearing a pedometer will help?

Hopefully this week’s weigh-in will reflect some of this hard work.  Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Get Active Challenge – Week Four.

  1. This is very cool – I like it. Missing lunges and squats because of a puppy? tsk tsk!
    I have to check into this a little more. I was wondering how in the owrld you were putting in such distances in one day!


    • I made up for the lunges and squats this week that’s for sure!

      I’m not sure of the formula the program uses, but I do know that you max out at 90 minutes or about 50 miles a day. It’s just a cool and different way to track your activity.

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