So Long ‘Till September.

Last night was my last Turbo Kick class until September.

When I started the class a few months ago, I might have welcomed a long break. But now I can honestly say that I’m going to miss having the class as part of my Tuesday and Thursday night routine. I’m not sure what I will miss more – sweating my butt off or interacting with a great group of women. I can attribute my growing love for Turbo Kick to our instructor, Kelly. She is awesome! She definitely motivated us to push past our comfort zone and encouraged us to keep going. She helped me feel stronger and offered great advice to help me reach my goals. Thank you, Kelly! By the way, you can check out her website for some awesome tips and advice.


After last night’s Turbo Kick class. Check out all of that sweat! (Please ignore the grubby UConn t-shirt that I refuse to part with – paint stains and all.)

So how am I going to fill my Tuesday and Thursday nights? P is an avid cyclist, and since we’ve gotten the puppy, he hasn’t logged very many miles on his bike. I told him that I would take over puppy duties so he can get some rides in on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Perhaps I can utilize the Wii Fit by starting some yoga or, at my friend and fellow blogger’s encouragement, finally unwrap my Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD. I will also use the extra time to begin training for the 5K in September. It’s nice to have a few activity options to fill my time. It also might be time to finally get my ankle checked out (please spare the lectures – I know!).


5 thoughts on “So Long ‘Till September.

  1. Too bad I stuffed JM back in the case and a dark place… Ugh. With school winding down though, I’ll have much more time for myself. And maybe we can get together for walks or something active on one of those nights!

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