Get Active Challenge – Week 5.

We’re in the homestretch now! The conclusion to my office’s Get Active Challenge is rapidly approaching. Let’s see if I can make these last two weeks count.

Day 29

Today I traveled 36.4 miles along the trail. I walked the dog for at least 30 minutes today and had a 45-minute Zumba class tonight. Seeing that I haven’t been to Zumba in a few weeks, it felt great to be back at it!

By the way, guess what? Elephant Butte!


I’m happy to report that I was very active today. In addition to my daily commute (15 minutes) and walking the dog (at least 30 minutes), I did about 55 minutes of cardio in my Turbo Kick class. We also did walking lunges and squats for over 5 minutes, but I didn’t really count those. That’s 100 minutes of activity today! It doesn’t matter though because apparently HealthTrails only wants me to do 90 minutes of exercise each day. What the french toast?! Today I only get credit for 90 minutes and 50.4 miles.

Day 31

I took it easy today and estimate that I did at least 30 minutes of walking. That’s another 16.8 miles on the trail!

Day 32

I traveled 39.2 miles today thanks to at least 25 minutes of walking and about 45 minutes of Turbo Kick class (we chatted a bit before class so I’m estimating here). A soak in the hot springs might do my body some good.

Day 33

Today I traveled 25.2 miles on the trail.  That’s an estimate of about 45 minutes of walking between the morning commute and walking Gus.  Not too shabby!

Day 34

Today I roughly estimate that I  walked Gus for at least 30 minutes (I’m sure it was a lot more, but I just can’t track this very well.)  That’s 16.8 miles traveled!

Day 35

Ditto.  30 minutes.  16.8 miles.  Move along.

During the fifth week of my office’s Get Active Challenge, I traveled a total of 201.6 miles!  Obviously making it to my Zumba and both Turbo Kick classes really helped boost things.  Sadly I will be “slowing down” next week seeing that I will not make it to Zumba (volunteer commitment) and my Turbo Kick classes are over for the summer (boo!).  Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in some extra walks while I’m at work.

Stay tuned!


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