Sunday recap on a Monday.

We officially have a pattern – Mondays are the new Sundays! I wish!

This week I…

Skipped Zumba for a volunteer commitment (Too bad karma doesn’t equal activity points)
Picked up a bigger crate for Gus and met a new puppy in the process
Tried two new recipes
Spent the weekend in Cape Cod with P’s mom, sister, aunts and cousins
Lounged on the beach
Had a nice dinner with “the girls”
Made it back home in time for Gus’s puppy class
But ended up taking him to the vet instead because he has a bad cold
Tracked all of my food and activity using my Weight Watchers eTools.

It was a pretty low-key week and the weekend went by way too quickly. The week ahead promises to also be low-key. It’ll be nice just to spend some quality time with P and Gus. I hope you had a great week/weekend. Here’s to the week ahead – cheers!




Pork Chops with Tomato Saute.


Gus showing off his “Sit” skills


Relaxing at the beach!


What Gus does while Mommy relaxes on the beach.



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