Weekly Weigh In.

Yesterday was my fifth week of attending the Weight Watchers meetings. This week I gained 1.8 pounds. That brings my total lost (since rejoining WW meetings in July) to 6.6 pounds.

It bums me out having to type that, but I also need to be honest with myself. I know exactly what went wrong last week – one too many celebratory dinners. One could argue that I should have planned for the dinners, but, in my defense, the news I was celebrating wasn’t completely expected (don’t worry – no little Doms). Even though I didn’t have the point allocated for these dinners, I still did my best to choose healthier options like dressings on the side, grilled fish, etc. My friends told me to cut myself some slack because A) I deserved to celebrate and B) it wasn’t a huge gain…and they are right! I didn’t make it to my 10 pound lost goal this week, so what!? Now I have a new goal for the next few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In.

  1. I agree with your friends and persistence is key. You’re losing for life which takes some lifestyle adjustments to integrate change – not just bullying your way through until you break and collapse into a pile of something you shouldn’t be eating 🙂

  2. Congratulations on whatever you were celebrating! 🙂 You’re doing great – weeks like this will happen, in the losing phase and for the rest of forever. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going!

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