Hey there!

Sorry I slipped away for a little while there, but I was officially on vacation and decided that my blog could enjoy the vacation, too.


Our last beach day on the Cape.

P, Gus and I spent a week in Cape Cod. While yesterday’s weigh in shows how much I enjoyed eating my way through the Cape, P and I made it a point to get at least three bike rides in for a total of 30 miles. I haven’t biked anything like that in a really long time, so I’m proud of myself. My ActiveLink (post about this coming soon!) told me that I exceeded my daily activity target most of the days we were on vacation, too. The weather was beautiful and we were able to completely relax.

Which is great because I’m transitioning into a new role at work starting September 4th. Yes, I got a promotion. Yay me! I’m very excited about my new role and am looking forward to the challenges ahead. I’m also really going to enjoy sitting near a window. It’s the little things.

Today also marks one month until the 2012 Dogfish Dash…and, again, I’m not ready. I feel stronger than I did at this point last year, but I doubt I’m any closer to becoming a runner. I can spout off a list of excuses ranging from work to Gus, but the truth is that I didn’t make time for training. Now is as good of a time as ever to start training. My goal, as always, is to finish the race (hopefully with a faster time).

2011 Dogfish Dash
And yes, I do own more than one workout outfit haha!

I’ve also registered for my fall workout classes. I’ll be taking a Monday night Zumba class and a Thursday night Turbo Kick class. I plan on adding an additional Turbo Kick class in October once we’re finished with Gus’s next obedience class. I’m hoping that these classes in addition to the C25K training program (and bike rides as long as the weather holds out) will only help me at the Dogfish Dash. Time will only tell.

T-minus 31 days!


And now your moment of Zen – a sleeping Gus (and he’s not supposed to be on the bed).


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