Friday Five.

1 Motivational Quote

2 Goals I’d Like to Achieve This Weekend

1. Going for a bike ride with P.
2. Unpack my suitcase from vacation.

3 Foods I Ate This Week

1. Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi in a butter sage sauce.
2. Arepas from Ay! Arepa.  So amazingly good!
3. Balsamic roasted brussels sprouts.

4 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Weekend

1. Sleeping in!
2. Going to a wedding in the Newport area.
3. Dancing at said wedding.
4. Picking out my “first day at my new job” outfit.

5 Goals for the Coming Month(s)

1. Start the C25K Plan again.
2. Planning a fundraiser for my Light the Night Walk team.
3. Reach 10 pounds lost since July (a little extra would also be nice).
4. Start some projects around the house.
5. Fit in some more activity to my schedule.


3 thoughts on “Friday Five.

    • I’m still here! Just been too busy to blog. I promise something will be posted soon! Thanks for checking in on me. 🙂

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