Friday Five.

1 Song stuck in my head

2 Pictures that make me smile

Gus’s first trip to the beach in Delaware.

Some quality BFF time.

3 Foods I Ate This Week

1. Turkey, kale and white bean soup.
2. ShackBurger from Shake Shack. Let’s not even bring up how many WW points this meal was
3. Mongolian beef barbecue.

4 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Weekend

1. Going to dinner with Team LSD (Lower Slower Delaware).
2. Cheering on BFF as she runs her 5th full marathon!
3. Hanging out with BFF.
4. Breaking out the crockpot for spicy black bean soup.

5 Goals for the Coming Week

1. Finalize the fundraiser for my Light the Night Walk team – The Dominators.
2. Reach my personal goal of $1,700 raised for the Light the Night Walk on October 25th.
3. Finally make time for a WW meeting.
4. Start planning our wedding budget.
5. Make it to the gym.

Happy Friday!


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