Resolutions for 2013.

2012 proved to be quite an exciting year, but I think 2013 might be even more so. As usual I do have a few resolutions:

  • Get in shape and lose some weight. #SheddingForTheWedding #SlimDownForTheGown
    P and I bought each other a treadmill for Christmas, and I’ve already signed us up for our first 5K of 2013 – Color Me Rad in April.
  • Save money for the wedding.
    This is going to be difficult, but is a necessity! P and I are going to put together a strict budget, which will include eating out a lot less (which should also help with the slim down). I’m also going to limit myself to eating lunch out only once a week and set a $25/week “going out” budget.
  • Plan the wedding without becoming a bridezilla.
    I’m hoping this wont be an issue, but you never know. Only 364 days to go!
  • Blog more!
    Hey, two posts in two days! I’m off to a good start, right?

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?


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