“I am the captain of this ship…”

Even though I’ve gained a bit of weight on my blogging hiatus, I still loosely followed Weight Watchers and attended meetings when my schedule allowed for it.  Last Wednesday I resolved to make time for my lunchtime WW meeting where the topic of the week was “anchoring”.

Our leader, Jim, began the meeting asking us to remember a time/memory where we felt truly happy, successful, or proud.  Wouldn’t it be great to feel what we felt that emotion every time we are faced with a challenge?  For example, when we’re feeling disappointed or discouraged with “the plan”?  Jim taught us that you can by creating an anchor.  An anchor is something that reminds you of a memory or a feeling.  It can be something physical – like a piece of jewelery – or a gesture like tugging on your ear.  It can also be something as simple as a song.

Weight Watchers explains how to create your anchor in five steps (paraphrased from weightwatchers.com):

  1. Identify the feeling/emotion you need to respond the way you want.
  2. Remember a time when you had that feeling/emotion. Think about the circumstances that surrounded you.
  3. Choose an anchor that will bring you back to that time in an instant – —a mental picture, a word, a gesture or an object.
  4. Then, remember again that time when you had that strong feeling/emotion. When the feeling you had then is strong within you, connect it to your Anchor.
  5. Use your Anchor by itself. Are you in touch with your resource? If not, keep repeating Step 4 until your Anchor grounds you when times are rough.

So after the meeting, I gave it some thought – what would my anchor be?  I know the moment of my life that brings back the most emotions for me is when I found out that I was in remission (sorry P, I know you were hoping I’d say when you proposed).  Of course I felt overwhelmingly happy, but I also felt a real sense of badassery when I found out that I beat cancer – definitely a feeling I’d like to relive when I have a weight loss victory.  However, I am having difficulty figuring out what to connect that emotion to – my physical anchor.  I want it to be something that I can have with me every day, something readily accessible.  I thought it could be something as easy as my red LLS bracelet, but as open as I am about my story, not everyone knows that I have cancer (shocking, I know).  I thought about using my engagement ring, but that already elicits other happy memories.

Any suggestions?  Alex and Ani does have a really cute anchor bracelet…hmm.


3 thoughts on ““I am the captain of this ship…”

  1. One lady in my group used her 10% keychain, but she added charms to it other than the WW ones that meant something to her when she met personal goals. My leader also talked about using a belt as sort of a physical anchor. I couldn’t decide if I thought it was sort of awkward to wear a belt all the time (like she would wear it under her clothes even if the outfit didn’t need a belt) or if it would be neat to see the belt keep getting smaller. I decided to go with the keychain idea, it took a lot of work to earn it and it definitely gives me that badass feeling! I like the anchor charm too, and that way you can pick and choose who you explain the whole story to.

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