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P and I are officially six and a half months away from our wedding – 204 days to be exact! To speed up #SheddingForTheWedding, P has decided that he would like to go low carb (think South Beach-esque). Of course, being the awesome fiance that I am, I have also decided to go low carb. Today is day one.

For a few months now I’ve been noticing how my body reacts to carbs. Aside from weight gain, when I eat a carb heavy meal I feel very lethargic afterwards. Hopefully kicking out the bad carbs will help boost my energy and help me get back into my workout groove. Plus, low carb should be very easy for me to follow on Weight Watchers. The idea will be for me to fill up on lean proteins, fruits and veggies!

In looking at my eating habits, the majority of my meals are rather low carb with the occasional baked potato or cup of brown rice. From an outside perspective, one would think that this low carb thing will be easy for me; in fact, it should have been working for me already. However, when I find myself craving or binging, I always go for the carb heavy foods – bread, pasta, bread, bread, and more bread. As you can probably deduce, bread is one of my trigger foods. Bread and cheese. While I will not cut out cheese completely, I am trying to cut back and will no longer be purchasing much cheese to keep in the house. Mmm…cheese.

Wish me luck.


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