An Aha Moment.

Via Google Image Search

Via Google Image Search

Me:  “I cheated today.”
P:  “What was his name?”
Me:  “DD.”
P:  “Dunkin Donuts?”

Yesterday my department held their monthly birthday celebration.  There were bagels, coffee cakes, cookies, and Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.  Mmm…Munchkins.  In my defense, I held out for a while, but soon I reached inside the box and grabbed some chocolate glazed Munchkins.  Then two more.  Then two more.  So much for low carb, huh?  For the rest of the day I felt ravenous.  Even after a big salad for lunch and yogurt with fruit for a snack, I wanted more!

Enter my “aha moment”.  On the days that my meals have been filled with fruits, veggies and lean proteins, I have felt very satisfied.  When I reintroduced bad carbs/too much sugar into my diet, all I wanted to do was eat everything, and it was very difficult for me to rein it in.  When I took time to reflect I realized that no only was my eating out of control after overindulging in too many Munchkins, I also felt lethargic and unfocused.  This was all I needed to decide that binging on “bad” foods just isn’t worth it anymore.   Just say no to Munchkins!

I definitely won’t cut out all indulgences because that wouldn’t be living, but I will make a conscious effort to make better choices when I want a sweet treat.

Have you had a similar “aha moment”?


One thought on “An Aha Moment.

  1. This is a really interesting post for me, I’ve definitely said similar at times and done similar, my aha moment really came when I read “it starts with food” which explains WHY we react that way to sugary.

    Your bit about “indulgences…that’s living” I’ll challenge though. I challenge it because I felt the same for a very long time and I challenge it because you are awesome. There are probably a billion things in your life that make it a great life, food doesn’t need to be one of them. Our society has built this ideal that food is the centre of our days and it messes with our heads massively, food is there to fuel our daily activity not make life worth living. I’ve got a blog post scheduled for next week all about it!

    Low carb will more than likely not work if you let sugar creep in, it works by keeping your body in a state of ketosis, if you come out of ketosis you stop losing weight. I speak from bitter experience!! I really really urge you to read it starts with food, life changing stuff.

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