Last week I met my goal to go to the gym at least twice before work!  WOOHOO!  I totally nailed it, and felt great about it.  Though I’ll admit, the first day was rough and called for a venti iced skinny vanilla latte (with an extra shot) by noon just to help me get through the rest of my day.  Day 2 was much better.

I think I have a good routine in place to help ease me back into consistent morning workouts (most of which is thanks to advice from my friend Elisabeth).  First things first, get to bed a decent hour.  It’s easier to get up with the 5 AM alarm when you’ve had at least 6 and a half hours of sleep, in my opinion.  Secondly, lay your gym clothes out the night before.  Each night before bed, I put my gym clothes – everything from my headband to my socks – on the bathroom counter so it’s readily available for me each morning.  I leave my sneakers on the stairs so that I can slip them on before heading out the door.  Next, organize your accessories such as headphones, towel, water, etc. each night as well.  I leave them next to my purse so I can grab everything on my way out.  Lastly, be sure to eat something before you go to the gym.  I slipped on my first day and forgot to eat something before I worked out.  Of course, we all know how important it is to fuel your body before a workout.  Personally, I think it’s also important to eat something because hunger can distract you from having a good workout.  I realize that going to the gym twice in one week does not make me an expert, but maybe these tips will help someone else who is starting out too!


Yes, that’s 5:18 AM!

Needless to say, I was really proud of myself for getting to the gym before work.  Then – dun dun duuuun – sickness struck our household.  I woke up at 5 AM on Thursday morning, and something didn’t feel right.  Regardless, I got dressed and laced up my sneakers.  I started to feel worse and opted to walk Gus around the neighborhood instead.  The next morning, I stayed home from work because I felt so cruddy.

Dammit – I broke my new routine!  I haven’t been back to the gym yet this week.  Monday morning was a wash because…it was a Monday.  And to be completely honest with you – I didn’t go to the gym on yesterday morning because I stayed up late to watch the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race (#teambianca).   All is not lost – I still have tomorrow and Friday morning to redeem myself.


2 thoughts on “Success-ish

  1. I wish you went to cardio! I’d meet you every morning at 6:30!!! I try and go every day. It’s a challenge.

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