Sunday Recap.

This week I…

Skipped my Monday night Zumba class to go to a friend’s fundraiser
Spent some quality time at home with P and Gus
Manned the Light the Night booth at our town’s summer concert series
Had a nice Friday evening with wine and some girl talk
Ran a lot of errands this weekend
Bought a new bathing suit top
Went to a family BBQ on Sunday to celebrate the 4th
Took Gus to his puppy class (his make-up and regular class!)
Tracked most of my points this week – admittedly I slipped up a bit this weekend.

Overall it was a nice, low-key week. There’s also one more important thing I did this week – I decided to start attending weekly Weight Watchers meetings! I have contemplated going back to meetings for a while now since I had the most success when I was attending meetings a few years ago. My only hesitation was finding a meeting that fit my schedule. Well, I found a Wednesday meeting that’s held during lunch not too far from my office. I pre-registered and signed up for my Monthly Pass so I’m ready to go – on July 11th. D’oh! I forgot about the holiday, but I’m ready to get back into this full swing after the 4th. Time to “get there“!

I hope everyone had a great week. Here’s to the week ahead – CHEERS!


Yummy lobster roll at the Summer Concert Series.


Gus in the dog days of summer…


There once was a beer from Nantucket…


Red, white and blue deliciousness!


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