Posted in September 2011

Dom Ran For Beer – Kind of.

Sunday was the Dogfish Dash. The day I’ve been waiting for since my 30th birthday. The day I had somewhat been training for. Finally! I arrived in Delaware late Friday night/early Saturday morning. I had to pick up my packet from the Dogfish Head Brewpub on Saturday evening. I went with my BFF and P, … Continue reading

Fire Up For Fall – Week Two

Happy week two fellow FUFFers! I apologize at the brevity (and lateness) of this week’s entry, but I spent over six hours in the car today and have been trying to get myself organized after a whirlwind weekend. My positive picture for the week is a picture of me before I started my first 5K.  … Continue reading

Embarrassment at Zumba.

Tonight we were learning a new routine in my Zumba class. One of the moves involve gyrating your hips in a circular motion. My friend, L: You’re good at that. Me: Oh yeah! Put myself through college with this one. [Cue laughter from women around me in class.] Me after realizing I might have been … Continue reading

Fire Up For Fall – Week One

Without further ado, here is week one of the Fire Up For Fall Challenge. My positive picture is a quote that I have sitting in my cubicle at work. Seems rather fitting to me. 1. What are your goals for the Fall Challenge? Finish my first 5K, which is this Sunday. Improve upon last year’s … Continue reading

Fire Up For Fall.

Now I’ve been a blog lurker for a few months now and noticed how several bloggers I follow are often participating in challenges.  A few days ago Rebecca at Weight Wars posted about starting a Fire Up For Fall challenge.  I thought that a challenge like this might be a fun way to network with … Continue reading

Taking on The Big E.

Fall in New England means two things – leaves changing colors and fairs! Pick any weekend in September or October and you’re sure to find at least one town fair going on. Town fairs can be a nice time – quaint with animals, a few carnival rides and some fried goodies. However, fellow New Englanders … Continue reading

Beat City Hoops.

Not too long ago, three friends founded a hula-hooping company in the Hartford area called Beat City Hoops. Their mission is to encourage creative expression, support community camaraderie and strengthen the culture and artistic beauty of their beloved city of Hartford. They are currently offering classes at the Hartford City Ballet and are working on expanding their … Continue reading

What day is it?

I spent all day yesterday thinking that it was Wednesday.  It was kind of a downer realizing that it was only Tuesday, but that also meant that I had a Zumba class!  As I mentioned before, the condo complex I live in started offering Zumba classes for residents in their community room for a small … Continue reading

I can’t breathe.

So last night was the first class of the newest Zumba session.  As always, it was a lot of fun, and I’m excited that our instructor is incorporating new moves and songs into our routine. As fellow Zumba-ers are aware, these classes can be pretty popular.  I’m used to the class size being around 25-35 … Continue reading

Toning with Maracas.

Tonight kicks off the next session of Zumba classes for me! I will be taking Zumba on Mondays and Tuesdays with Zumba Toning on Thursdays. What is Zumba Toning, you ask? It’s Zumba with hand weights that serve as maracas! Now, I’ve tried the toning class before, but had difficulty committing to it (probably because … Continue reading